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Collecting troubleshooting data for problems with IBM PureApplication System. Gathering this information before calling IBM Support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving the problem

Gather the following information to expedite problem resolution.

  1. Prepare a description of the problem. Our technote will help you organize your problem information.
    1. List the steps leading up to the problem.
    2. Provide the day and time the problem occurred.
    3. Capture the Web Console screens showing the error or capture the series of screens showing the steps to leading to the error. Expand all sections and remember to scroll down and capture all of the pages.
  2. Obtain the Collection Sets:
    The Collection sets contain the traces and log files IBM Support will use to debug the problem. These files can be large and you will need to FTP the files to IBM.

    Important Note: If you have already uploaded the Collection Set to another PMR that included the timeframe when the new issue occurred, you may reference that PMR number rather than repeat these collection steps.
    1. Access the troubleshooting page.
      • In V2.1 System > System Troubleshooting
      • Prior to V2.1 Web Console and click on: System Console > System > Troubleshooting
    2. From Troubleshooting, the System Log is expanded.
    3. Click on: Collect Log.
    4. The Request System Logs dialogue box is displayed.
    5. The default collection set is might need to be changed.
      • PureSystems Manager, in V2.1 use this option unchanged,
      • Management, in V2 change this to "STANDARD",
      • Management, prior to V2 change this "COMPLETE".
    6. Note: If there is concern regarding the size of the data, then the size can be reduced by narrowing the time of the collection set to surround the time of the issue:
      • Request System Logs screen from the Advanced tab
      • Please note that filtering the collection set may reduce the size of the collection set, but there is the possibility that essential diagnostic information may
        be left out, may be lost/roll over, and/or further data may be required to be submitted later.
    7. click ok to gather this information.
    8. The dialogue box closes.
    9. On the Troubleshooting page, the Collection Set table will show the request as pending.
    10. After the request changes to Available, then under the Action column, click on the "download" icon, and follow the prompts to save the file.
  3. Contact IBM Support. Reference our technote: Contacting IBM PureApplication System Support to open a PMR.
  4. Using the PMR number provided, send in the problem documentation you have gathered:

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