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New Features of Alert Log Monitoring for Oracle Database Extended Agent

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What new features of Oracle alert log monitoring are in the Oracle Database Extended Agent version 6.3.1


The traditional Oracle Agent version 6.2.x, alert log monitoring used sampled events and the agent read backwards from the end of alert log file, this may cause the agent to send duplicate alerts after the agent restarts.


In the new Oracle Database Extended Agent version 6.3.1, the alert log monitoring is improved as pure event and the agent will read from the start of alert log file (default maximum file read size is 5MB).

  • If an alert log file size is more then 5MB, the agent will read the last 5MB file contents.
  • Default interval is 300 seconds that agent will read alert log file again from last position.
  • By default agent will read alert log from start of file any time the agent restarts.

All above features can be customized by environment variables below:

KRZ_LOG_INTERVAL This attribute defines the search interval (in seconds) for alert log files. The default value is 300 (seconds). Setting the value to 0 disables search. The valid range is from 60 to 3600.
KRZ_LOG_NOREPEAT If the value is true, the Oracle Database Extended agent does not resend alert log message entries that were found in the last running of the Oracle Database Extended agent. The default value is FALSE. The valid values are TRUE and FALSE.
KRZ_LOG_MAXREAD Only the latest part of alert logs is scanned by the Oracle Database Extended agent while the agent starts. The size of the scanned part is specified by the KRZ_LOG_MAXREAD attribute. The default value is 5M. The value must be positive. The valid data suffixes are M/m presenting megabyte, and K/k presenting kilobyte.

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ITCAM Extended Agent for Oracle Database 5724V09OR v6.3

Software version: 6.3.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 12 April 2016

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