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Reordering of heading numbers when using Word and another RPE data source

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When pulling data from Microsoft Word and another data source into IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE), why are the heading numbers not reordered in the final document?


Report generation, when combining information from Rational data sources and Microsoft Word, is not clear.


This is by design, as the information pulled from each data source is placed into the generated RPE report as-is.

To reorder the heading numbers, you will need to write a Word macro that will go through the generated document and properly order the heading numbers. This macro can then be used as a post document generation setting that will run during the document generation process to reorder the headings of the information in the generated report or document.

For more information about setting macros in RPE, review the "Setting output properties for Microsoft Word documents" section of the online IBM Rational Publishing Engine information center.

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