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CSQ5005E occurs when migrating to WebShere MQ 7.1.0

Technote (troubleshooting)


CSQ5005E message occurs when migrating a WebSphere MQ queue sharing group from MQ 7.0.1 to MQ 7.1.0.


During queue manager restart of a queue manager from a migrated queue sharing group, you encounter a CSQ5005E 'csect-name Queue manager release level is incompatible with queue-sharing group'. The queue manager terminates with CSQV086E QUEUE MANAGER ABNORMAL TERMINATION REASON=00F50029.


Prior to the migration, coexistence APAR PM52894 PTF UK76760 should be installed and restarted on the queue manager running MQ 7.0.1 code. But in the process of installing the PTF UK76760 the plan or package included with UK76760 has to be bound or MQ has to be re-bound with the new plan or package CSQ5U7A1.

Diagnosing the problem

SPUFI output for table CSQ.ADMIN_B_QMGR using command SELECT * FROM CSQ.ADMIN_B_QMGR WHERE QSGNAME='queue_sharing_ group_4 _character_name' and seeing MVERSIONH not equal to 5.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem, complete the following steps:

  • Run the CSQ45BPL and CSQ45GEX jobs against the plan / package names in PTF UK76760 and restart the queue manager at MQ 7.0.1 level before migrating the queue sharing group to MQ 7.1.0.

    For MQ V600, run the CSQ45BPL and CSQ45GEX jobs against the plan / package name in PM52877/UK76721 and restart the queue manager at MQ 6.0.0 level before migrating the queue manager to MQ 7.1.0.
  • Run CSQ5PQSG with the MIGRATE QSG or DSG option with PM58871/UK78436 applied to MQ 7.1.0. This will confirm that all queue managers in the group have applied the migration and coexistence PTF and have since been started.

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WebSphere MQ WMQ

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Software version: 7.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1608631

Modified date: 2013-06-10