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Determining the installed version of IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools

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How do I determine which version of IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools I've installed from the Eclipse Marketplace?


If you install IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools for Eclipse from eclipse Marketplace, then clicking Help, the menu lists About Eclipse (instead of About IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools) and the Help > About Eclipse dialog box shows only the Eclipse version information. (Note: if you use IBM Installation Manager to install the product, then the Help menu says About IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools).


To view the version details for IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools in the case where you installed into an existing Eclipse:

  1. Click Help > About Eclipse.
  2. Click Installation Details.
  3. Click the Installed Software tab.
  4. For the Tools features listed in the Name column (for example, IBM Worklight Studio) note the information in the ID column, excluding the "" text, and the information in the Version column. For example, for feature IBM Worklight Studio, note the ID (e.g.)
  5. In your file system, open to the Eclipse installation location/eclipse/features/Tools ID_version directory, where Tools ID is the ID that you noted in step 4 and version is the version that you noted in step 4. For example, Eclipse installation location/eclipse/features/
  6. In a text editor, open the file feature.xml, and inspect the version attribute.
  • For Version and later:
The three segments of the version attribute indicate the version in the format version.release.<service><fixpack><Interim Fix>, where the tenths column is the service version, the hundredths and thousandths column is the fixpack version, and the last column is the Interim Fix version.
For example, if the version attribute value is 5.0.0030, then this means Version
  • For Version and earlier:
Refer to the following table to find the product version that corresponds to the tools feature version in the feature.xml file:

Tools version
Feature versions

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Mobile- Speech and Enterprise Access IBM Mobile Foundation Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 5.0 Consumer, Enterprise

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