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Alphabetical Sorting for Bottom Level Members selection

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Currently, when a user would design a template in Clarity Studio to display all Bottom level descendant members for a dimension, the sorting of the members is dictated by the hierarchy of members in the cube.

At this moment the selected members are being sorted according to cube, this makes it
difficult for users to get to the correct member easily

Is it possible to have members displayed in alphabetical order by setting an option in Clarity Studio when designing a template?


This is a product design and is dictated by how the system retrieves members from the cube.


This is by design and a product limitation.

Tested this out in a support environment and confirmed that it was a product limitation and is designed out of box

An enhancement request was created and submitted through ClearQuest internal documentation.

*In Clarity 7.2.1, you are now able to sort by desired member listing.

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Software version: 7.0

Operating system(s): Windows

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Reference #: 1608508

Modified date: 24 January 2013