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ClearCase and NIS Domain Change

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What are the necessary actions to be taken to change the Network Information Service (NIS) Domain when using IBM Rational ClearCase?


The VOBs and Views will be impacted by this authentication change.


  • If the VOBs and Views (and elements) show the "<domainname>/<account>", you will
    need to reprotect them using fix_prot and protectvob after the NIS Domain change.
    In order to be completely sure you could use Vob_sidwalk to change the permissions from
    everything inside the VOB.

  • If the VOBs and Views are not showing the <domainname>, but just the <owner>/<group>, and if the UID and ID will be the same, it should not be necessary to reprotect them.

Refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Information Center under the topics of fix_prot, protectvob and vob_sidwalk for further information.

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