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Upgrading an Encyclopedia results in "illegal xml character" database error in Rational System Architect

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to upgrade an Encyclopedia results in "illegal xml character" database error at the "Dictionary Update" stage of the "Set Optimized XT Reader : XT Reader Status" in IBM Rational System Architect (SA).


The full error message is as follows:

A database error has occurred causing the current transactions to be rolled back. Click OK to exit the application, click Details for technical information, or click Help for a possible explanation of the error.

When you press the Details button on the above error message you see the details, for example:

A database error has occurred: [22, 777, 0, 614532, 1]
Number = 80040e14;
NativeCode = 9420
Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server;
Desc - XML parsing line 1, character 73, illegal xml character
Error signature
AppName: sa2001.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 00f9872c

Note: The exact line or character number may be different in your environment.


There are invalid or special characters in the element (Attribute) names of an Entity.

Examples of invalid or special characters are:

  • Line feeds.

  • Pipe symbols.

  • Non-printable characters.

Examples of valid characters are:
  • Letters.

  • Numbers.

  • Usual punctuation such as:
    • Comma.

    • Semicolon.

    • Dash.

Diagnosing the problem

You need to examine the Attributes of the Entity referred to by the Data Dictionary Identification (DDID) of the Entity shown in the SA2001.LOG file as follows:

    1. Exit SA.

    2. Start SA with the " -log" option.

    3. Attempt the upgrade of the Encyclopedia.

    4. Open the SA2001.LOG in a text editor of your choice.

    5. Find the time the error occurred.

    6. Notice the Entity name and the DDID.

    7. In SA check the Attributes of the Entity the DDID refers to.

Note: You will find instructions on running with the "-log" option and where the SA2001.LOG file is located in the document 1426029: Available logs with IBM Rational System Architect.

Resolving the problem

To prevent the error and enable the upgrade to proceed you need to remove all invalid and special characters from the Attribute names of the Entity as follows:

    1. Exit SA.

    2. Disable XT optimization in your SA2001.INI file as per the Help page Overriding the Mandatory Conversion for Optimized XT Reader.

    3. Start SA.

    4. Open the encyclopedia.

    5. Export the definition of the Entity to a Coma Separated Value (CSV) file using the menu: "Dictionary > Export Definitions". You then select the appropriate options and press OK.

      Note: This may take a while to complete.

    6. Open the CSV file in a text editor of your choice. You then:

      1. Search for any invalid characters and replace them.

      2. Search for any special characters and replace them.

      3. Save the CSV file.

    7. Import the CSV file of the Entity (and attributes) using the menu "Dictionary > Import Definitions", You then:
      1. Select the CSV file.

      2. Select Definition Type: Attributes.

      3. Select collision option: Delete all fields then add new data.

      4. Press OK.

        Note: This may take a while to complete.

    8. Close SA.

    9. Re-enable XT optimization in your SA2001.INI file.

    10. Start SA,

    11. Open the encyclopedia.

    12. Proceed with the upgrade.

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