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How can we use an encrypted password with Information Server

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We are trying to use the script located in ../ASBNode/bin to encrypt the password to use in and we are receiving an error:

We use the following steps to encrypt the password

Enter the text to encrypt:

Enter the text again to confirm:


Then when we run the script with the encrypted we see the following.
/opt/IBM/ASBNode/bin> -action disable -ur
isduser -pw {iisenc}2qskmrMVgGXdsdcbgLc2hQ== -application MyApp

Exception in thread "P=906680:O=0:CT" java.lang.NullPointerException at
( at at


The best way to do this is to simply use an authorization file

This is the command for using the authorization file. -action deploy -authfile
/home/dsadm/dsadmcredential.txt -p MyProject -a MyApp

here's what authorization file dsadmcredential.txt looks like

# dsadm credentials

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