Prospect Data Acquisition Tool (DAT) not deleting old data files.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Files are not being deleted from the data directories according to the DA variable NDAYS, which is defined in the .icf configuration files.


EVDO data files in the $FLEXDAHOME/data/<market>/om directories are not being purged from the system. To check if this is a problem, if the NDAYS variable is set to 14, there shouldn't be any data files older than current day - NDAYS.


After moving to the concatenated method for collecting EVDO data, the RNCID variable in the $FLEXPMHOME/cfg/*.icf configuration files needed to be changed to the IP address of the EMS.


Prospect Core 8.0.7, Ericsson Application version RP16.8

Diagnosing the problem

There shouldn't be any data files in the $FLEXDAHOME/data/<market>/om directories older than the current day - NDAYS, which is a variable defined in the .icf configuration files.

Resolving the problem

The RNCID needs to be set to the EMS IP address. This would be the same value as the EMSIP in the same .icf file:

set NDAYS "14"
set EMSIP ""
set RNCID ""

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