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Not able to export Sterling Filegateway community from Sterling Integrator 5.2.3 instance.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Unable to export a community out of Sterling Integrator 5.2.3 instance so it can be imported into a GIS 4.3 Prod instance due to on SI 5.2.3 instance there are no Resource Tags for the 3 communities.


On SI 5.2.3 instance, the customer had deleted the 3 Resource Tags for his Sterling File Gateway communities, so there is no method to export the communities.

Diagnosing the problem

On SI 5.2.3 instance there were no Resource Tags listed for their 3 Sterling File Gateway communities and we verified there were no Type=32 records in Tag_Resource_Assoc DB table for these communities. So there is no method to export the communities.

Resolving the problem

Since there is no method to rebuild/recapture the deleted Resource Tags on the SI 5.2.3 instance, the recommended resolution was suggested:

  1. On the SI 5.2.3 instance, under Sterling File Gateway, delete the Routing Channels under the community.
  2. Delete the Sterling File Gateway Partners under the community.
  3. Delete the community.
  4. Recreate the community from scratch.
  5. Recreate the Sterling File Gateway Partners under that community.
  6. Recreate the Routing Channels.

We do not recommend you to delete the Resource Tags for your Sterling File Gateway community. If you have a database backup of your instance which was backed up prior to deleting the Resource Tag, you could restore the database to recover a deleted Resource Tag.

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More support for: Sterling B2B Integrator

Software version: 5.2.3

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1608237

Modified date: 05 March 2013

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