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How to Enable/Disable DB cache in Sterling Selling and Fulfillment

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How does one Enable/Disable database level cache in Sterling Selling and Fulfillment ?


There may be instances when the cache for a particular table fills up the memory and could even lead to OOM issues. In such cases, DB cache can be disabled as below, it can be re-enabled if required.
The process is as below:
1. Navigate to Installation Directory > Properties folder.
2. Open the file, set dbclassCache.<table_name>.enabled=false or dbclassCache.<table_name>.enabled=true
E.g. dbclassCache.YPM_PRICELIST_LINE.enabled=false
3. Save changes.
4. Ensure that the -DVendorFile parameter in the Application Startup Script contains the complete path to file and not the Relative path.
5. Restart application server.


Using the System Management Console.
1. Click on the server
2. In 'Average Response Time for servers in Group' section select the activity
3. In the 'Application Server Details' section Cache Info sub-section, select
'Table Level Cache'
4. Disable the Cache for the required table.
5. Repeat this across the JVMs/Servers.

Note: On the point of disabling the cache on pricelist line table, please ensure that the cache across all JVMs and servers are consistent. i.e. they must all either enabled or disabled for a given table. Having them set inconsistently across JVMs could cause unexpected behavior.

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