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Domino document of the form _Calendar Entry or Appointment created by Cast Iron cannot be opened in Lotus Notes

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Domino document of the form _Calendar Entry or Appointment created by Cast Iron cannot be opened in Lotus Notes.


When the Domino document of form _Calendar Entry or Appointment created by Cast Iron is opened in Lotus Notes, the following messages are displayed and the document can't be opened:

  • Error trying to open document: Note item not found.
  • Note item not found.
  • Field: 'StartDate_2': Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Time/Date expected.


This is a Domino connector limitation to calendar/appointment document in current release. For example, when a calendar document object representing an invite is retrieved from the Domino server, the document object contains a number of fields and the data stored in those fields. These items along with representing the standard fields present in the form, a number of new fields get displayed. Currently these new fields are not represented in Cast Iron Studio within the Map Inputs or Map Outputs section of Domino activities. Some of these new fields need to be populated in order for the invite document to be created properly and gets displayed in calendar view; otherwise the calendar document is only seen in All Documents view and can not be opened.
Following are the fields not represented in Cast Iron Studio:

  • Chair
  • Principal
  • $AltPrincipal
  • ExcludeFromView
  • SequenceNum
  • UpdateSeq
  • $CSVersion
  • $SMTPKeepNotesItems
  • WebDateTimeInit
  • OrgTable
  • $NoPurge
  • _ViewIcon
  • $HFFlags
  • Sign
  • Encrypt
  • StartDateTime
  • EndDateTime
  • CalendarDateTime
  • $PublicAccess
  • OrgRepeat
  • txtNum
  • xToDo
  • xMtg
  • RestrictAttendence
  • MeetingPassword
  • $WatchedItems
  • ReturnReceipt
  • $CSTrack
  • $REF
  • $RefOptions
  • $CSFlags
  • $BusyName
  • $BusyPriority
  • RepeatInstanceDates
  • $UpdatedBy
The enhancement has been made in latest Cast Iron Live build and will be included in future release for Cast Iron physical and virtual form factor after v6.3.0.1.

Resolving the problem

Currently there is no Cast Iron Domino connector workaround for this problem and it will be handled in an upcoming Cast Iron release. A suggested workaround is to expose Domino Web Services for calendar at Domino server and use the Cast Iron Web Services connector to work with Domino server.

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Modified date: 2013-02-07