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Understanding IBM CL/SUPERSESSION 1.4.7 End of Support announcement

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Why did IBM include IBM CL/SUPERSESSION for z/OS V1.4.7 (compid 5608-A24) in an End of Service (EOS) announcement letter and state that it will be withdrawn from support 30 September 2013?


The EOS announcement is only indicating that if ordering CL/SUPERSESSION V1.4.7, you can no longer use the product number 5608-A24. Instead you must use the new product number 5655-P05 which has new pricing associated with it.
There are no changes to the product function or release number, and IBM still fully supports the original compid 5608A2400 (5608-A24). So, if you are currently using this product, you are not required to reorder the product or make any SMP/E changes. You should also continue to use compid 5608A2400 when opening a service request (PMR).

The Software service discontinuance announcement letter (EOS letter) indicating that CL/SUPERSESSION V1.4.7 (5608-A24) will be withdrawn from support 30 September 2013 is 912-144. As you can see from the following product replacement information included in this announcement, the product version is still 1.4.7:

5608-A24, IBM CL/Supersession for z/OS , V1.4.7 is replaced by 5655-P05, IBM CL/Supersession for z/OS , V1.4.7, announced in Software Announcement 205-066, dated March 15, 2005.

The only change is to the product number (from 5608-A24 to 5655-P05) and this is only for marketing purposes.

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