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Using duplicate SEO keywords in WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 3 and higher

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Is it possible to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords that are used elsewhere? For example, having unique subcategories under two different categories contain the same SEO keywords.

For example, the SEO keyword furniture used in different categories in the following pages:

Where the first URL serves only kitchen furniture, and the second URL serves only living room furniture.


The SEO keyword resolution process checks for a keyword matching the SEOURLKEYWORD.KEYWORD column. If more than one rows are returned in the database query, the SEO URL resolution fails to resolve properly and might serve the wrong category ID than intended.


No, it is not possible to have the URLs exactly as the preceding example. However, it is possible to create CategoryToken:CategoryToken keyword combinations and update the URLs to reflect them. For example, the kitchen furniture category combination could be hyphenated: kitchen-furniture.

For example:

This causes the kitchen-furniture keyword to be recognized as a single SEO Keyword, but resolves into two CategoryToken elements. The seourlkeywordgen utility does not have the capability to perform this unique keyword operation, so it will be a manual process in which the keywords would need to be manually created and entered into the SEOURLKEYWORD table with corresponding entries in the SEOURL table.

Note: Underscores and slashes cannot be used within a keyword, as they are used to tokenize the URL to split into keywords.

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