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Kerberos credential has expired is displayed in the Systemout.log

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you have enabled Kerberos security, the following exception might be seen in SystemOut.log of the DataService Cluster members.
KRBAuthnToken E   CWWSS5520E: An exception occurred during token processing. The exception is: org.ietf.jgss.GSSException, major code: 8, minor code: 0
major string: Credential expired
minor string: Kerberos credential has expired


When the WebSphere Application Server creates a scheduler. it saves the Kerberos security subject in a scheduler table.
WebSphere Application Server does not update this Kerberos security subject until the scheduler is cancelled.
When the Kerberos ticket is expired and the scheduler runs a scheduling task, the WebSphere Application Server logs the exception in the SystemOut.log.


Integrated Information Core 1.5

Resolving the problem

Login to WebSphere Administrative Console.

  1. Go to Resources > Schedulers  > SubscriptionScheduler
    - In Related Items, click Work managers
    - In Scope, select Cluster=IICDASvcs, and then click New
    - Name : subscriptionWorkManager
    - JNDI : wm/subscriptionWorkManager
    - Deselect Security
    - Select Internationalization
    - Select WorkArea
    - Click Ok

    - Go to Resources > Schedulers  > SubscriptionScheduler
    - Change Work manager JNDI name to wm/subscriptionWorkManager
    - Click Ok, and then Save configuration.

  2. Go to Resources > ClusterStop IICDASvcs
    - Go to Resources > Schedulers
    - Select SubscriptionScheduler, and then click Drop tables
    - When Drop tables is successful, click Create tables.

  3. Synchronize all Nodes.
    - Restart IICDASvcs Cluster

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Software version: 1.5

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1607604

Modified date: 08 August 2012

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