Slowness opening Microsoft Office and PDF files on dynamic views

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This technote explains why you may experience slowness when opening Microsoft Office or PDF files from an IBM Rational ClearCase dynamic view.


You experience slowness (+10 sec) opening either Microsoft Office or PDF files that reside on a dynamic view.

Other files such as .txt, .cs and so on have a faster time opening.


This can be caused by 2 things:

  1. The wrong provider order.
  2. The WebClient service is trying to resolve the \\view path through a file:// address.


Windows client using dynamic views.

Diagnosing the problem

Place an Office or PDF file on a dynamic view and check if it is behaving slowly.

Resolving the problem

For cause 1

This is explained in the technote 1135684 About the Network Provider Order on Windows and ClearCase

Place MVFS as the top most in the provider order as described.

For cause 2

The WebClient service is trying to resolve the \\view path through a file:// address.
Disable this service from the Microsoft Windows services snap-in.

This is explained in the following Microsoft KB article as a workaround and also applies to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008:

You experience a delay when you use your Windows XP computer to log on to a domain or to connect to a network resource

Disabling this service will cause disruption only if WEBDav is used to access files through HTTP.

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