Supported Java environments for ISKLM 1.1.0.

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Additional information on the supported Java releases for ISKLM 1.1.0.

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The ISKLM version 1.1 Planning and User's Guide on page 17 under Java requirements states:

The minimum Java levels required to run the Security Key Lifecycle Manager for z/OS on the z/OS platform are
- Java SDK 5.0 Service Refresh (SR) 5
- Java SDK 6.0 GA+

Note: Only the IBM version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for each of the following platforms supports the Security Key Lifecycle Manager for z/OS.

The table following this note only shows:

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager for z/OS, Version 1.1, Fix Pack 2.0 is certified for z/OS 1.13 and a minimum level of Java 7.0 SR0 and above. You can download this fix pack at:

To review the ISKLM for z/OS version 1.1 Planning User's Guide online, follow this link.

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