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How can I use TAUDIT.JS that is shipped with ITMSUPER zip file?


Taudit.js is shipped in the same zip file as ITMSUPER. To execute it, you can issue the following:

taudit.js /hserver:n.nn.nn.nn /hsport:port-no /hu:userid /hp:password

where n.nn.nn.nn is the IP address of your hub TEMS, port-no is the SOAP port number, if 1920 (the default) is used you do not need to specify the hsport parameter, userid is your userid and password is your password.

This will produce the default report showing the following data:

Click on NNNN Managed Systems and you will see:

  • Your Managed Systems (Manage System Name, IP address, Operating System and version, ITM version, time and date it came online)

Click on NNNN ExceptionStates, N ErrorSituations
  • Situations never fired, situations exception counts, situation statuses and situations in error.

Click on NN Offline Systems
  • This will show OFFLINE systems Report (Managed System, Component, Managing Server, Timestamp and the reason it is in error)

Click on Total CallCount
  • This will show callcount and history / enterprise requests by Management Servers.
  • This will also show SDA Enablement information along with application version comparisons.
  • Catalog comparisons are shown for each management servers.
  • Situations TEMS Load Analysis for each management servers.
  • If applicable, statistics will be shown for all the different platforms.

Click on Warehoused_Rows/Aggregated_Rows
  • Will show the warehouse statistics

Click on Timing next to the date in the report title:

Tivoli Enterprise Platform:Daily Audit Report Version 06.01.50
Mon Aug 6 2012 Timings

  • This shows what was executed, when and can be used as a debugging tool. The file being shown is "taudittrace.txt" which can be sent to IBM should a taudit execution fail.

If a particular taudit function is required, it can be executed with the /RUN parm. The default is /RUN:QUICK

Other /RUN options available are:

/run:warehouse (only warehouse)

/run:kpi (key performance indicators)

/run:diag (diagnostics of connection)

/run:dist (duplicate agents)

/run:error (only show error)

/run:history (check missing historical data)

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