How to re-enable the Issues and Transfers application

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From TPAE 7.5, the Issue and Transfers application is not available any more. Is there a way to enable the application again?


From 7.5 the Issue and Transfers application is replaced with the Inventory Usage application.


The Issue and Transfers application is enabled back from TPAE For those who want to enable the application from TPAE versions between and, please follow the steps below:

1) Stop the Maximo Server
2) Place the attached .pkg file or files in \tools\maximo (they are cumulative, they only add and do not subtract)
3) Run pkginstall.bat from \tools\maximo
4) Rebuild and redeploy the EAR files
5) Restart the Maximo Server.

You will then be able to access the Issue and Transfers application from the Go To menu.

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