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Error : Cannot open the connection for the driver

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Unable to view Tivoli Common Rreporting reports.


The following error is seen when running for the Tivoli Common Reporting report and selecting the activity details:

    ReportDesign (id = 1):
    Cannot open the connection for the driver:
    Failed to get connection.
    SQL error #1: [ibm][db2][jcc][t4][2043][11550] Exception Error opening socket to server <hostname>/<ip> on port 50,001 with message: Connection refused.


The data source needs to be updated with the correct server or host name.

Resolving the problem

The error can be resolved by updating the data source with the correct hostname. Issue the following command based on the platform:

Aix/Linux: /opt/tivoli/tsm/reporting/datasrc.bin
Windows: C:\IBM\datasrc.exe

This will bring up a GUI where each value for data source can be set. There is also a "-i console" option to run from the command line.
If necessary change the data source host name to the fully qualified name of this server instead of localhost.

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition

Software version: 6.2

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1606917

Modified date: 06 July 2015

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