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Adding an Olap Data source in Studio with the same cube alias name as a Relational data source

Technote (troubleshooting)


In Clarity Studio, when adding an OLAP data source with a cube alias name identical to a relational data source (inside web\bin\config.xml), Clarity Studio will add the OLAP data source as a relational source.


When you right click on the added source, the menu options that are available to a relational data source are available for the added OLAP data source.


The name of a relational data source is the same as the alias of an OLAP data source (OLAP Manager)




SQL Version: 2005 9.00.5057 00 (x64)

Diagnosing the problem

Check the Code View in Studio, the Provider is "Relational" instead of "AnalysisServices"

Also, a relational icon is displayed next to the added OLAP data source.

Resolving the problem

While there is no permanent fix, there are a few options to work around this issue:

1) Change the Alias of the Cube in OLAP Manager

2) Change the value of the Provider attribute from "Relational" to "AnalysisServices"

An APAR has been created PM68123.

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