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Adding a separate restrictive user for running the application

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How to add separate more restrictive user for running the application and another user for adding/amending data without error?


When it throws permission error or restricts to run DDL


The entityDeployer command uses the user specified in the and if you have this configured to the restrictive application user, it therefore fails to amend the database structure.

This shell is reading the userid/password from or file.

In the scenario when user does not have permission to run DDL, you can set no_dbverify to true in sandbox.cfg file. Instead of running (which will automatically execute SQLs generated when no_dbverify is false), run first. The SQL scripts generated by dbverify can be executed by the user that has the permission of running DDL(Data Definition Language). After this, run to rebuild entities.jar. Rebuild ear file and deploy fresh EAR file.

Passing a value to the "sysproperties" will not work here.

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More support for: Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite

Software version: 8.5, 9.0, 9.1

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Reference #: 1606763

Modified date: 29 January 2015