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After a BigFix Server migration; Error: "class NotASignedMessage" or "IlegalFileName error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Moving or Migrating BigFix servers from one system to another, the move included moving from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS and/or a drive letter change C:\ to D:\


Server Migration or Server move, the GatherState.xml file has the old server's path or drive configuration



Resolving the problem

The GatherState.xml file is located in the following path (example)

C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\Mirror Server\Inbox\GatherState.xml

The GatherState.xml file contains the path or drive of the old server's location, creating the class NotASignedMessage error.

For example, either the path or the drive letter changed between the two servers.
The BigFix installation was on the C drive and had been moved to the D drive or the Program Files path was moved to Program Files(x86).

Changing the GatherState.xml file to change all "CommittedLocation" attributes
that point into the C drive to the D drive or Program Files to Program Files(x86)

1) First stop the BES Root Server service
2) Then change the GatherState.xml file
3) Then start the BES Root Server service

The server will read the GatherState.xml file once when it starts up,
and then write it out when it exits, so it will overwrite any modifications
that you make while the server is running.

NOTE: If the process is not completed in the steps listed, the data will be overwritten again with the old paths.

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Modified date: 12 September 2017

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