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Issue after updating custom theme war file in WAS

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Issue after updating custom theme war file in WAS


If you have created a custom theme file based on the theme
and it works fine when installed initially, you may see an issue where does not work
after updating it. The problem is resolved by restarting the Theme_Modules application in WAS. The following errors are seen in the SystemOut.log:
[6/18/12 13:56:39:924 EDT] 0000003d servlet I init SRVE0242I:
[ABCDTheme] [/ABCDTheme] [/themes/html/Default.jsp]: Initialization
[6/18/12 13:56:40:041 EDT] 0000003d FfdcProvider W logIncident FFDC1003I: FFDC Incident
emitted on
2.06.18_13.56.40.0395619748225771674291.txt class 1
[6/18/12 13:56:40:041 EDT] 0000003d Configuration E CWXRS0015E:
Failed to load class:
[6/18/12 13:56:40:060 EDT] 0000003d LoggingErrorH W Exception
[EJCBD0019E: The data source identified by the URI [co:head] and
parameters []] could not be processed: [CWXRS0008E: Failed to load
Extension class:]],
enable traces for [] to see
the stack trace.

The following is in the referred FFDC log file:
[6/18/12 13:56:40:040 EDT] FFDC
Exception:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException SourceId:class ProbeId:1


The reason is that the plugin.xml of the custom war and the plugin.xml of the theme is linking the two applications together.

Resolving the problem

You need to remove the plugin.xml file from the custom theme. You also need to stop the custom theme war before you update the war file.

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Modified date: 13 September 2013

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