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Tips to troubleshoot why automatic publishing still occurs in Rational Application Developer when publishing option is set to "Never publish automatically"

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If you have set the publishing option to "Never publish automatically" in the server configuration editor,
when you make a change in your project, the project still automatically publishes to the local
application server inside IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software.


The project will automatically publish even if you did not specify the Automatically publish option in the server configuration editor.


There are other places where publishing options are set by default that may override the server configuration editor publishing option. To truly stop all automatic publishing activities, all automatic publishing options should be disabled. The server configuration editor option applies to automatic publish when the application is already published to a started server and a change is made.

Diagnosing the problem

Collect workspace logs and trace output:

  1. Locate the following entries in the .metadata folder in your workspace



  2. Click Help > Performance > Generate diagnostic Information > WorkSpace and System Summary

  3. Collect the Workspace log and Server logs

  4. Trace the Server tools component during you use case scenario following the instructions below:
    1. Rational Application Developer version 8.0.4.x - 8.5.x.x, review technote 1606310: Server Tools trace strings for Rational Application Developer version 8.0.4.x and 8.5
    2. Rational Application Developer 7.5.x.x, review technote 1625067: Server tools trace string for Rational Application Developer version 7.5.x

Resolving the problem

Apply one or more of the following solutions to resolve this issue.

Apply the latest fix pack version of WebSphere Application Server.

If you are using WebSphere Application Server version 7, you should upgrade to or later to take advantage of the improvements implemented in Rational workbench.

Disable Workspace or Project auto-build

Depending on what changes you have made to your project, the build may trigger a publish to the server.

Turning off automatic publishing

There are three places where the automatic publishing option can be disabled.

To ensure that there is no automatic publishing, you may want to disable all the automatic publishing options.

The publishing options from the server configuration editor

You should set to Never publish automatically

Publishing options from server configuration editor

The publishing options from the server configuration editor are the ones you typically use to disable incremental publish (in other words make publish manually when the server is started and the application is already published to the server).

However, there are other ways for publishing to occur.

Server Preference Page

Click Windows > Preference > Server > Launching

Automatically publish to server when started option from preferences page

From the preferences page, the option selected above can also cause a publish. A scenario where this may come up is if the server is started, you have made changes that requires a republish, then suddenly the server connection fails (the server will go from stopped to started). In that case, a publish will occur. To avoid confusion, this option should be disabled to ensure automatic publishing will not occur when the server switches to a starting or started state.

Servers View - Add and Remove Projects

In the Servers View, right click on the Server, select Add and Remove Projects

Add and remove dialog

The option for If server is started, publish changes immediately may be another place that causes confusion. When a module is added and this option is enabled, the module will be published immediately (even if the automatic publish option is disabled in the server configuration editor). To disable this automatic publish, ensure the option If server is started, publish changes immediately is unchecked (disabled).

To truly disable all automatic publishing, all three options should be disabled.

If the problem still exists, please follow the instructions in the "Diagnosing your problem" section above to capture the required information and contact IBM Rational Application Server Support for assistance.

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