Accessing a node locked license gives a FLEXnet Licensing error: -1,359

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to fetch a node locked IBM Rational license on a Citrix environment results in the error "FLEXnet Licensing error: -1,359. System Error: 2 "No such file or directory".


The full error message is as follows:

License Error:  Cannot find license file.
The license files (or license server system network address) attempted are
listed below.  Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file,
or contact your software provider for a license file.
Feature:        DOORS

Filename:       C:\flexlm\license.dat
License path:   C:\flexlm\license.dat

FLEXnet Licensing error: -1,359. System Error: 2 "No such file or directory"
For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing documentation available at "".



Node locked licenses cannot be checked out on a Citrix environment because node lock licenses are tied to one particular host.



Resolving the problem

Make use of floating type of licenses to access Rational Product in a Citrix environment.

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Rational License Key Server

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AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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