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Received error of "The SQLDA is too small"

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What should I do if I receive the following error?

The error returned with CDA is:
java.sql.SQLException: The SQLDA is too small.

The error returned with DataStage is:
main_program: [WS Classic][ODBC/CLI Driver][Data Server] SQLPrepare -
Error code: x000B0024. The SQLDA is too small. SQLEXT(x000229fc,


It appears that the FETCHBUFFERSIZE in JDBC isn't big enough to handle the request.


Add the FETCHBUFFERSIZE to the connection URL following the steps below.

1. First. select EDIT CONNECTION

2. Then add to the following to the end of Connection URL


and click FINISH.

NOTE: Now, Classic is capped at a 5000 column definition, so check to see how many columns there are. With such a large definition, there may be other downstream issues as the server configuration. You may need to increase MESSAGEPOOLSIZE, along with other sizes to allow this to work.

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