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Alerts generated regardless of classification in Real-Time Asset Locator

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Using IBM Real-Time Asset Locator (RTAL)., alerts are sent to the Asset Visibility Client (AVC) regardless of the classification.


Alerts are sent to the AVC when they should be suppressed. The AVC may also report an incorrect class for an asset.


Alerts are generated even when the classification and rules are setup to suppress the alert. This is caused by a missing field in a Maximo object structure that is used by RTAL.

Resolving the problem

Adding a field to an object structure in Maximo that is used by RTAL should resolve the problem. Follow the instructions below to add the field.

  1. On the Maximo web console, go to Integration -> Object Structures
  2. Enter 'mxclassification' in the list, press Enter, and then click on the MXCLASSIFICATION object structure.
  3. From the drop-down box, select Exclude/Include Fields
  4. Make sure CLASSSTRUCTUREUID is NOT checked
  5. Press OK and save the object structure.
  6. Restart WSE to clear the cache
  7. Verify the problem is resolved.

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