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Need more information on the MADDBX –otherArgs parameter usage

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In the current documentation for the –otherArgs parameter for the MADDBX utility, it is not clear what is meant by "additional arguments to database utility". It’s unclear whether the arguments are given to maddbx or the database that MADDBX is connecting to. If it is the back-end DB, then it’s unclear what an "argument" to Oracle even is. Can you provide some clarity and maybe an example?


The MADDBX utility is simply a shell to call the native database's underlying bulk load utilities. The -otherArgs parameter simply passes additional arguments supported by the native utility. What arguments can be passed in is totally dependent on the native utility. Please review the native loader's documentation for a list of arguments.
For example, if you executed "maddbx -otherArgs -foo" the native bulk loader would be called with the additional argument of "-foo" tacked on to the end.

In the case of the Oracle loader, we pass in the following options which we populate based on the environment that is configured for the command line:


Followed by whatever was specified by -otherArgs.

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