When a local replica is not in the Notes data directory, the ODS version level will not upgrade.

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When using the notes.ini parameter "NSF_UpdateODS=1" to upgrade the ODS version of a local replica, the local replicas ODS level will not upgrade if the local replica is not in the Notes data directory.

The steps to reproduce the issue are included below.

1. Make sure the local replica is not in the Notes data directory.

2. The administrator can use two methods to accomplish the ODS upgrade:

Create a Desktop Settings policy document and enable the following option on the Mail tab:
"Enable upgrade of all local NSFs to latest ODS version"

If a policy is not to be used, configure the upgrade of database ODS using the notes.ini parameter "NSF_UpdateODS=1".

With this set, the client will do a one time pass to upgrade local databases using the compact task.

3. The local replicas ODS version will not upgrade.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem, move the local replica into the Notes data directory.

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