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AIX APARs required when running the IBM SDK and Runtime Environment, Java Technology Edition

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To avoid problems when running the IBM SDK and Runtime Environment, Java Technology Edition, check whether your AIX level requires any APARs.


The following table lists the AIX APARs required for specific AIX levels.

AIX maintenance level APAR number(s) required
5300-08 IZ69616, IZ70703
5300-09 IZ66710, IZ69194
5300-10 IZ66709, IZ68763
5300-11 IZ65427, IZ68372
5300-12 IZ73928
6100-02 IZ84087
6100-03 IZ83815
6100-04 IZ65501, IZ84055
6100-05 IZ73931, IZ83856
6100-06 IZ81170, IZ81962
7100-00 IZ86109
7100-01 IV09585
7100-02-02 IV45198

Table 1: AIX APARs required when running the IBM SDK or Runtime Environment

You can obtain AIX APARs from IBM Fix Central.

How to check which APARs you have installed on your system

  • Make a note of the APAR that you want to check.
  • Go to IBM Fix Central.
  • On the Fix Central page, click the Select Product tab and choose these options:
    • Product Group: AIX
    • Version: Enter the version of AIX that you are using.
    • Function: Fix search
  • Click Continue.
  • On the next page, enter the APAR number that you want to search on.
  • Search results are presented. Click on the result link to navigate to the details of the APAR.
  • On the next page, click Obtain the fix for this APAR.
  • Search results are presented. Make a note of the operating system level for your AIX version and TL level. For example:

  • On your system run the oslevel -s command to verify whether you have the operating system level installed.
    For example:
      # oslevel -s

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