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Cognos Controller 10.1.1 - no numbers displayed on certain summation accounts using Excel link

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An issue has been identified in Cognos Controller version 10.1.1 which may cause no numbers to be displayed on certain summation accounts in data entry forms and reports using Excel Link.


JULY 12, 2012 - This problem, logged as APAR PM68202, occurs after optimizing the database (or after re-generating the form structure) in version 10.1.1305 (10.1.1). After that no numbers are displayed on some summation accounts, neither in Data entry of reported values nor in Excel reports, but correct numbers are displayed in other reports, e.g. Ad Hoc and Trial balance reports.

The problem occurs if you have "integrated forms", where an account that is reported on extended dimension(s) on one form rolls into another summation account that is not reported on extended dimension(s), on a different form.

There should be no problem if you have only "non-integrated forms", i.e. the detailed accounts don't roll into other forms through summation accounts but are reconciled against them instead.

There should be no problem if you don't use extended dimensions in combination with "integrated forms", or if both the accounts on both forms use the same level of extended dimensions.

Current Actions
An interim fix 10.1.1 IF1 is available from customer support that addresses this issue. We strongly recommend that any customer starting new 10.1.1 implementations or converting from earlier versions to 10.1.1 request this fix. If you have no immediate need to move to Cognos Controller 10.1.1 at this time, we recommend that you wait until we make a new build of the software available in Passport Advantage. We encourage you to subscribe to notifications for Cognos Controller on IBM.COM so you will receive automatic notice of any updates to this issue.

The contents of this Alert is based on the best-available information as of the date of its publication. While every attempt has been made to provide guidance on the known issues at the time of publication, the Alert may not describe all of the circumstances under which the issue described above may occur, and may not provide a resolution for every occurrence of the issue. We continue to work to provide a comprehensive solution. All additional information will be documented in subsequent editions of this Alert and posted on the IBM website http:/

Failure to follow these important instructions may result in incorrect values. IBM will not be liable for any loss or damages from the failure to implement these instructions.

Note: As mentioned above, the issue has been addressed in Controller 10.1.1 IF1 and as of August 16, 2012, also in the generally available 10.1.1 (10.1.1306) release available in Passport Advantage. Customers who have already downloaded 10.1.1 IF1 do not need to take any further action.

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Modified date: 30 August 2012

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