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A subscription failed in IMS Replication with 0x006A004E

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What should be done if Classic Data Architect (CDA) shows Error (0x006A004E) for Replication State and an error message simular to the following is received..

CECC0018E The target server encountered an unexpected error condition 792 for subscription T4_P_APPLY1_NHQK. The error message code is 6A004E, with the specific return codes (11000,7FD890).


It was confirmed that the issue is a fragmentation problem caused by a subpool shared between apply and writer threads being 97% full. There are no storage leaks but natural fragmentation will occur when a pool is near its configured capacity.


To remove this exposure, the USERSUBPOOLMAX parameter in each apply server needs to be increased from its current setting to a higher value. This change provides plenty of cushion to remove any issues caused by fragmentation.

The operator command to change this setting is:


Once these changes are made to the apply servers, the apply servers must be recycled so the changes take effect.

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Modified date: 19 December 2012

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