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Everyplace Result Set Launches Core TPAE Applications

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Selecting a record from the Everyplace Start Center takes you to the core applications, is there a reason for this?


This is caused by creating your saved query in the core application. To resolve this you need to create the saved query in the mobile application.

1) From a laptop or desktop computer sign in to Maximo as the mobile user.

2) Go To your mobile application.

3) In the Advanced Search enter your search criteria and select find.

4) From the drop down select save current query.

5) Name the query and set this as your default query.

Now when you launch Everyplace and click on a record from the result set you will now launch the mobile application.

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More support for: Maximo Everyplace

Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1600920

Modified date: 10 July 2015

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