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Does TAMeB 6.1.1 support TAMOS 6.0?


Compatibility between TAMeB 6.1.1 and TAMOS 6.0 is supported as follows:
TAMOS 6.0 running stand-alone against a TAM 6.0, 6.1.0, or 6.1.1 Policy Server is supported due to Acccess Manager Runtime backwards compatibility as noted in the TAM 6.1.1 Release Notes.

TAMOS 6.0 running on a system with TAMeB 6.1.1 components such as the Policy Server, Authorization Server, or WebSEAL has not been certified.
Systems such as this will require Access Manager Runtime 6.1.1, but TAMOS 6.0 was built and tested against Access Manager Runtime 6.0.

Issues were found during the certification of running TAMOS 6.0 using the TAMeB 6.1.0 Runtime and required fixes.

Until certified, systems running TAMOS 6.0 with AMRTE 6.1.1 are not supported.

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Modified date: 2014-06-05