RPING Monitor with the HC3 Router (RFC2925)

Technote (troubleshooting)


Changes need to be made to the script file to support the HC3 router


The monitor fails to produce RPING results using RCF2925 support.


The snmp set operations need to be modified to set the address type. In addition to this the provided millisecond timeout needs to be converted to seconds.

Diagnosing the problem

Enable debug logging on the monitor.

Examine the log file and find the snmp set/snmp sync operations. An error message (wrongValue) will be shown as a result of the sync operation if the address type is not specified or a larger than expected (millisecond) value is provided for the second based timeout.

Resolving the problem

The rfc2925.s script needs to be modified to resolve the problems:

1. Include an additional line to set the address type as such:

snmpset .$ownerindex.$testname i 1

This should be placed after the createAndGo line

2. Add the logic to convert the millisecond value to seconds.

Add the line:

compute 0 $newTimeout = $packetTimeout / 100

prior to the snmp set operations

Change the timeout line to use this new value ie.

snmpset .$ownerindex.$testname i $packetTimeout


snmpset .$ownerindex.$testname i $newTimeout

Add a further line to remove this new value once its been used:

removetoken $newTimeout

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