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Rational Robot recognizes taskbar as generic and in coordinates only

Technote (troubleshooting)


Recording a window restore from the Windows taskbar in an IBM Rational Robot script results in object recognition through coordinates.


Rational Robot recognizes the taskbar item as a generic object through coordinates only. As a consequence the playback restores any window that happens to be in the same coordinates.

You can observe the recognition issue in Windows 7, but not in Windows XP.

In Windows XP, Rational Robot records the following script.

Sub Main

      Dim Result As Integer

       Window SetContext, "Class=Shell_TrayWnd", ""

       Toolbar Click, "Text=Running Applications;\; _

                             ItemText=MyReport.pdf _

                             Adobe Reader", "Coords=41,19"

End Sub

Under Windows 7, the recording results in the following script.

Sub Main

   Dim Result As Integer

    Window SetContext, "Class=Shell_TrayWnd", ""

    GenericObject Click, "Class=MSTaskListWClass;ClassIndex=1", _


  End Sub


The cause is unknown.

Resolving the problem


  1. Make the following change in your script manually.

    Window OpenIcon, "Caption=<Title of the applicaion>", ""

  2. Add MSTaskListWClass to the object class list as follows.

  1. Click Tools > General Options.... .

  2. Click the Mapping tab.

  3. Select Object Type as ListView.

  4. Click the Add button and enter class name MSTaskListWClass. Then click OK.

Now for the ListView Object Type , Robot displays MSTaskListWClass in the list of object classes.

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