KRZ Agent Fails to dynamically load library oci.dll, return code 193

Technote (troubleshooting)


With a 64-bit Oracle database running, you will need to ensure the installed Oracle extended agent is a 64-bit too.


Oracle Extended agent (KRZ) RAS1 log shows the following entries:

(Monday, April 16, 2012, 18:05:57-{1D24}krzdynamiclib.cpp,138,"krz00_DynamicLib::Load") Fail to dynamically load library oci.dll, return code 193
(Monday, April 16, 2012, 18:05:57-{1D24}krzclient.cpp,393,"Main") Loading Oracle OCI library failed!

Resolving the problem

Check the version files as follows:
%ITMHOME%\InstallITM\ver\KRZ64CMA.ver <--- this means the agent is 64bit
%ITMHOME%\InstallITM\ver\KRZWICMA.ver <--- this means the agent is 32bit

If there is 32bit agent installed, then you need to uninstall it and reinstall 64bit agent.

NOTE - For a fully working 64-bit environment the following components need to be selected during the Windows agent installation:

- Monitoring Agent for Oracle Database Extended(86-x64 only)
- Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent Framework(86-x64 only)
- 32/64 Bit Agent Compatibility Package(86-x64 only)

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