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The Application Build ID is 'Unknown' if the SCA module for WebSphere Process Server (WPS) is installed as a WAR file

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A WAR or EAR application archive file contains a MANIFEST.MF, which includes a specific Implementation-Version attribute (for example, When a web archive (WAR) file is installed using the WebSphere Administrative Console, the value of Application Build ID becomes 'Unknown' .


When you install an application WAR file in the WebSphere Administrative Console, you will find the value of Application Build ID becomes 'Unknown' as shown in the following screen shot:

However, when you install the same application using an enterprise archive (EAR) file, the value of Application Build ID is the same as what is defined in the Implementation-Version attribute within the file. For example:


The above behavior is working as designed.

Resolving the problem

An Unknown Application Build ID is the designated value for a module file with the underlying WebSphere Application Server version. Beginning with WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0, this function has changed to show the Application Build ID for a module instead of an Unknown value.

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