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Usage of ActivateFlag on Ship Node

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How to deactivate a particular ship node from inventory considerations temporarily?


ActivateFlag on Ship Node is present in the YFS_SHIP_NODE table. This attribute is not used for any functionality in OMS and is planned to be marked as deprecated .
The possible work arounds available to implement such functionality are:

1. Call getInventoryItemList API to get all the items in that particular shipnode for which the activate flag is set to N and then call manageInventoryNodeControl API to create an hold for all the items maintained in that shipnode. Release all the holds when the flag is set back to Y.

2. In case sourcing is based on Distribution Group, there is another Active flag at the Distribution group level which serves a similar purpose. This can be used to deactivate a node from further inventory consideration.

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Modified date: 16 November 2012

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