No data returned for Utilization for VLAN of VIOS Premium Agent

Technote (troubleshooting)


No data is returned for attribute group Utilization for VLAN on the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.


All of the workspaces for VIOS Premium Agent have data except Utilization for VLAN.


Accounting has not been enabled for the adapters on the VIOS system.

Resolving the problem

You need to "enable accounting" on the VIOS Systems to make VIOS Agent to report ethernet adapters information.

1) Issue command to find shared ethernet adapters

/usr/sbin/lsdev | /usr/bin/grep 'Shared Ethernet Adapter'
ent3 Available Shared Ethernet Adapter

2) Now for each shared ethernet adapters found in #1 issue the following command. This example has "ent3" as shared ethernet adapter, so "ent3" is used in the examples in steps #3, #4 and #5.

/usr/sbin/seastat -d ent3
Device ent3 has accounting disabled

Since accounting is disabled, you must to enable accounting on the VIOS systems for all shared ethernet adapters.

Here are the steps to enable accounting.

3) Issue chdev to enable accounting.

/etc/chdev -l ent3 -a accounting=enabled
ent3 changed

4) Now run the command "seastat" to determine if accounting is now enabled.

/usr/sbin/seastat -d ent3

Advanced Statistics for SEA
Device Name: ent3

5) Now go to the Tivoli Enterprise Adapter view and refresh the "Shared Ethernet" workspace. It should show data in "Utilization per VLAN" table.

If you need to disable accounting for the device you can issue following command:

/etc/chdev -l ent3 -a accounting=disabled
ent3 changed

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Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Monitoring System Edition for System p

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