TSM UNIX/Linux GUI can delete more backups or archives than selected

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The Java GUI Delete Archive and Delete Backup functions of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) UNIX and Linux client can delete more objects on the TSM Server than selected. Fixes are available.


When a UNIX or Linux directory path name has been backed up or archived to the TSM server under two different logical file systems, subsequent use of the TSM client Java GUI "Delete Backup" or "Delete Archive" function to delete that directory can delete more objects on the TSM server than were selected. This can occur only via the TSM client's Java GUI when the same directory path name was backed up or archived as both a subdirectory of a file system and as a file system itself.

When the archive or backup of this subdirectory is selected for deletion by the Java GUI, the client does not correctly select which of the two matching objects on the TSM server to delete, and the archives or backups of its peer subdirectory objects are also deleted, even though they were not selected. There are no error messages issued when the extra deletions occur. The issue is described in APAR IC76323, which has a detailed example of the definitions of file system and subdirectory of file system needed for the problem to occur.

Recommend Actions:

  • Apply fixing levels, which are available
  • Until the fixing level can be applied, use the command line instead of the Java GUI to issue the Delete Archive or Delete Backup command for this type of subdirectory, enclosing the file system name in curly braces.
For example: dsmc Delete Archive {/tfs2}/dir1/

Affected releases and fixing levels:

TSM Release
Affected UNIX/Linux client levels
First fixing client level
(click for download page)
6.2.0 through
available now
6.1.0 through
available now
5.5.0 through
available now
5.4, 5.3
All levels
No longer in support; upgrade to supported level for fix

  • TSM release 6.3 and higher releases are unaffected
  • Windows clients are unaffected

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Tivoli Storage Manager

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5.5, 6.1, 6.2

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AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris

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