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Binding Exchange 2010/2013 Database Backups to a Non-default Management Class with Tivoli Data Protection for Exchange

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How to bind Exchange 2010/2013 database backups to a specific management class.


Legacy backups use include statements in the dsm.opt file to bind storage groups or databases to a management class. However, Exchange 2010/2013 uses VSS backups and binds backups to a management class with the VSSPOLICY statement in the tdpexc.cfg file.


To bind Exchange 2010/2013 or any VSS backups to a specific management class:

1) Set management class in tdpexc.cfg file

To set the management class Exchange backups use, when not using the default management class, add a VSSPOLICY statement to the tdpexc.cfg file. For example to use management class named MC1:

Example. 1:


VSSPOLICY statements are processed from the bottom up and processing stops for a given object being processed at the first match found. The syntax for the VSSPOLICY statement is:

VSSPOLICY <srvname> "<dbname>" <backuptype> <backupdest> <mgmtcls>

The statement contains the following values:
<srvname> Name of the Exchange Server or wildcard character: *
"<dbname>" Name of database group on the specified server, or wildcard character: *
<backuptype> Backup type: FULL, COPY, etc or wildcard character: *
<backupdest> Backup destination: TSM or LOCAL or wildcard character: *
<mgmtcls> Management Class name. This sets the management class for the specified class of backup.

For example, to bind all the VSS backups going to Tivoli Storage Manager to a specific management class, you can use wildcards as in Example 1 above.

To specify a specific mgmtclass for a FULL backup to Tivoli Storage Manager, the VSSPOLICY might be such as:

Example. 2:

You can also set up the VSSPolicy information with the Data Protection Exchange GUI by selecting Utilities -> TSM VSS Policy Binding in the GUI, and then entering appropriate values in the fields.

2) Specify databases to backup

To specify which database(s) you want to back up, run the backup using the command line, for example:

Ex 3: tdpexcc backup MBXDB001,MBXDB002,MDXDB003,PFDB001 inc

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