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WMS FIFO Time Period set via WMSGetFifoNumberUE

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How do I set the period of time over which the FIFO numbers are assigned? In other words, the FIFO period is the time fence for determining what products should be grouped together for FIFO.

For example, a customer had received inventory with FIFO set as 201606 which is June 2016. If a similar receipt occurred in July, then 201607. But to be more efficient in bulk storage, the period should be at least a 90 day period or even 180 days, based on the product. This would require a numbering scheme with a customizable granularity.


Bulk Inventory Storage with different requirements in terms of storage and inventory movement.


Implement WMSGetFifoNumberUE. The purpose of this document is to link the concept of a FIFO time period to the FIFO number.

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