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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack version 6.1.5 and FastBack Client may crash due to a memory access violation.

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Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Client 6.1.5 and introduces a regression when performing a snapshot with pre or post snapshots scripts enabled.


Problem Summary:
When pre or post snapshot scripts are enabled, the FastBack Client will crash due to a memory access violation. The FastBack Manager allows “pre consistency”, ”pre snapshot”, and ”post snapshot” scripts to be enabled for quiescing of various applications such as DB2, SQL, or other custom applications.

Due to regression in the code, when pre or post snapshot scripts are enabled, or when snapshot is started, redundant memory release will cause heap corruption, which causes the FastBack Client service to crash.

After the crash, the service is automatically restarted, and the snapshot starts again. Restarted snapshots might succeed or fail, depending on the phase of the next memory access violation failure.

This problem does not introduce any data loss or data corruption.

APAR IC82031 describes this problem.

Affected products:
Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack client versions 6.1.5 and

Note: The FastBack Server is not affected by this issue, and can be installed with 6.1.5 or levels.

How to determine whether your FastBack Client is affected
If you are using pre or post snapshot scripts in FastBack 6.1.5 or for the FastBack Client, you are affected by this problem.

In the FastBack Manager, open the Policies window and search “pre/post Processes tab. If any of the boxes is enabled the system is affected.

How to avoid the problem:
There are 3 options to avoid this problem:

  1. Do not use (or disable) pre/post snapshots scripts in FastBack Manager when FastBack Client is installed with 6.1.5 or
  2. Downgrade FastBack Client to version 6.1.4.
  3. Upgrade FastBack Client to version or higher.


Release Vulnerable levels First level with fix within that release
Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack 6.1 6.1.5 through Delivery: April 2012
6.1.6 Delivery: June 2012

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Software version: 6.1

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Modified date: 25 June 2012

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