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Agents in 'Missing scan' status on LMT/TAD4D 7.5

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Due to the defect in DB2 9.1/9.5 agents are not able to download all catalog files, and this stop software scans from succeeding.


Due to APAR IZ35064

incorrect data is being returned by DB2, and this stop the agents from obtaining the correct catalog files.

In order to resolve this issue:

1) Please upgrade DB2 to the suggested release, or apply this workaround -
run the following command as a DB2 administrator/owner of the instance where TLMA is located:
db2 update db cfg for tlma using dft_degree 1

2) Restart both the LMT/TAD4D server and the DB2 instance (stop the server, then restart the database, finally start the server)

3) Execute 'tlmagent -resetcache' on the affected agents.

Related information

APAR IZ35064

Document information

More support for: IBM License Metric Tool

Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1599469

Modified date: 2014-09-05