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A constant value in a table column does not display when a P8 eForms template is opened in Workplace, Workplace XT, or any other application where eForms for IBM FileNet P8 Platform is integrated

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In a P8 eForms template, a table column value is set to a constant value of "2000". In test mode in IBM FileNet eForms Designer, the value displays correctly. When the template is uploaded and opened in Workplace or Workplace XT, or rendered using other integrations, the values for this cell are blank.


A constant value in a table column does not display in P8 eForms when deployed in Workplace or Workplace XT or rendered with other integrating products.


This display issue is caused by a handling error in the server side calculation engine.


Eforms for IBM FileNet P8 Platform

Diagnosing the problem

1. In IBM FileNet eForms Designer, design a table with 2 columns.

2. Right click on one of the table columns and set the value to a constant value of "2000".

3. Switch to test mode in eForms Designer.

4. Note that the value "2000" shows up in all the rows of that column.

5. Upload the template to Workplace or WorkplaceXT.

6. Right click on the template in Workplace or WorkplaceXT to open it in test mode.

7. Note that the values for the rows in the column with the constant value are empty.

Resolving the problem

  1. Add a cell on the "Workpage," for example, Cell1.
  2. Set the value for Cell1 to "Constant Value of 2000"
  3. Go to the table column cell and set the value for this column cell to "Cell1".

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