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How to check the TCIM 8.5 Windows Agent fix pack level currently installed ?


Need to validate the TCIM 8.5 agent fix pack level installed


To confirm the fixpack level for the actuator machine, open the \IBM\TCIM\actuator\register.ini file and check the content. Below the detail of the fixes applied for each TCIM accumulative fixes

PE06230-actuator=Success,20120924 10:47:49,Hotfix to reduce Actuator and Agent memory usage

PE06470-actuator=Success,20120924 10:47:54,Provides SSH-collect on HPUX to work according to the instructions from the manual

PE06820-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:06,Actuator Sun updates: fixed some issues in audit trail collect script

PE07250-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:16,Added 'Truncate' option to DB2 ES properties to resolve high memory usage on server
PE07320-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:18,Improve the way the actuator handles process handles
PE07540-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:31,Handle UTF16 for Netweaver on unix/windows, improve mapping of Where for Netweaver

PE07625-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:41,MS SQL 2000-2008 ES hotfix
PE07900-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:43,fix actuator.exe for realtime ESes keeps crashing
PE07970-actuator=Success,20120924 10:48:53,Make the Ubiquitous ES more flexible
PE08000-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:02,this hotfix is dedicated to fix bug: Solaris audit trail through SSH creates incomplete chunks after collect failure
PE08010-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:05,Enterprise Update
PE08020-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:08,improved realtime performance
PE08030-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:28,Hotfix for actuator for Oracle event source, Oracle DAT event source and Oracle FGA event source

PE08130-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:38,iSeries ES with custom journal and filtering actuator V1 Hotfix
PE08280-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:47,Collector update to support audit_YYYYMMDD and audit_YYYYMMDDXXXXXX files
PE08290-actuator=Success,20120924 10:49:58,Hotfix for ITIM ES: update to getitimgroups.jar
PE08430-actuator=Success,20120924 10:50:18,Append context information for the AIX users.
PE08440-actuator=Success,20120924 10:50:29,fix the Oracle Apps UIS issue

No new actuator fixes available for TCIM 8.5 FP008
PE08440-actuator=Success,20120924 10:50:29,fix the Oracle Apps UIS issue

PE08550-actuator=Success,20120924 10:50:39,SAP Netweaver ES hotfix: Allow to make further collects if there were no appropriate audit trace files during initial collect
PE08570-actuator=Success,20120924 10:50:48,MS SQL 2000-2008 ES hotfix
PE08660-actuator=Success,20120924 10:50:50,Fix for a problem where AD UIS does not recognize group within groups

PE08790-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:03,Update to the IBM DB2 8.1 - 9.1 event sources to properly handle a) last time of audittrail truncation; b) empty db2audit.log
PE08800-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:06,Remove clear text creadentials logging from collect script

PE08870-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:17,Fix for tcimsort problems in the Oracle file based event source
PE08880-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:26,Fix missing quote in collect script
PE08910-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:28,Update to getnewrecs.exe collect script
PE09010-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:38,The SAP Netweaver props file is incorrectly updated when last collected audit trail grows and there are no newer files
PE09020-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:41,Update to the getnewrecs.vbs collect script
PE09030-actuator=Success,20120924 10:51:50,Update to iWAS event source to support collect from WAS FP 11-15 installed
PE09040-actuator=Success,20120924 10:52:02,Fix for tcimsort crashes

PE09180-actuator=Success,20120924 10:52:15,Update to the Informix DS event source
PE09210-actuator=Success,20120924 10:52:52,ad2008, win2008, itklm, itspm fix for finding available drive letter
PE09270-actuator=Success,20120924 10:52:54,Update to the AD UIS to properly handle circular group relationships
PE09280-actuator=Success,20120924 10:53:13,Fix for Oracle ES. Property name update fot Oracle DAT and Oracle FGA via SSH. Collect via Oracle OS users authorization added to Oracle DAT via SSH ES. Oracle ES loging improved.
PE09290-actuator=Success,20120924 10:53:16,Fix for agent to start splitter after Server or Actuator restarting

PE09410-actuator=Success,20120924 10:53:19,Update to the AD UIS to properly handle linefeed, newline, and double quotes characters in AD OU names
PE09530-actuator=Success,20120924 10:53:29,Fix to update to fix active log collect.

PE09570-actuator=Success,20120924 10:53:40,Update to the AD UIS to support data filtering
PE09580-actuator=Success,20120924 10:53:50,Fix to update MSSQL ES. ApplciationName value added to mapping
PE09590-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:00,Update to 'X syslog from syslog host' event sources to fail data collection if a log directory is not accessible

No new actuator fixes available for TCIM 8.5 FP008
PE09590-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:00,Update to 'X syslog from syslog host' event sources to fail data collection if a log directory is not accessible

PE09790-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:11,TSIEM00012783 - TCIM 8.5: Junk errors in debug logs of SSH event sources
PE09830-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:14,MS Windows Event Log collect fix
PE09860-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:26,TSIEM00022585 - ES:TCIM 8.5 - ITIM UIS corrupted at collect time, null values
PE09870-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:37,rem TSIEM00022688 - TCIM85: Cannot map Win 2008 R2 events with nanosecond audit timestamp precision
PE09880-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:47,TSIEM00022698 - TCIM 8.5 + FP014: * in onWhat objectname for Windows ES
PE09890-actuator=Success,20120924 10:54:58,Win2008 collect psexec problems fix


    * Pay special attention to the PE status. All fo them must be "Successful"
    * If the fix pack agent installation fails, run the fix installation again. It will start applying the fixes from the one that fails until the most recent fix pack available for the actuator.
    * If the fix pack installation fails again, then, please open a PMR.

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