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Situation behaviour at failover to Hot standby (TEMS up to v6.23 FP02)

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This is a description of what happens to situations when a failover to a FTO TEMS occurs.

Resolving the problem

No record of events is maintained in the Hot Standby TEMS.

When a failover from Primary HUB TEMS to Hot Standby TEMS occurs, agents and RTEMS connected to the Primary HUB will failover to the Hot Standby TEMS.

Their situations will be restarted when they connect to the Hot Standby TEMS. This results in
situations that have previously generated alerts to regenerate the alerts.

This will of course also result in new events if the alerts are sent on to an Events Server
(Omnibus or TEC)

If you are using TEC then you may be able to filter out these duplicate alerts if they originated at an RTEMS or an agent connected to an RTEMS.
There is a special case for MS_OFFLINE and situations similar to MS_OFFLINE.

These should not trigger for the first 12 minutes after failover occurs.

However there is a known issue where MS_Offline situations trigger immediately in the failover environment, however it only happens in environments where no agents at all are connected to the HUB TEMS. This is rare, but it is being addressed in APAR IV21508.

The fix for this known issue is contained in 6.23 FP02.

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